About the project

Ultros has existed in one form or another since 2011, beginning its life as a humble IRC bot with a simple structure. Over time our needs for it evolved, and it quickly outgrew the basic hook-based approach we had taken with it. As the project progressed, we realised that Twisted would allow us to easily add support for multiple types of network — and so the concept for our project was born.

Many hours of work has passed since then to produce something we can be proud of, and that we find useful ourselves. We are not only developers — we are users of this project as well, and we believe that helps us to better provide support for the project and figure out where it should go next.

Getting in contact

If you'd like to chat with us directly, we are present here:

To report issues or contribute directly, please see the following:


Ultros Invades by Emilia
Kawaii! by Emilia
Shit's tight, yo by PyroPyro
Deep in the Sea by PyroPyro
Ultros Hugging Ultros by rakiru
Nameless by Julu8

About the developers


Gareth Coles


Gareth is an English programmer living in Ireland. He prefers to write everything in Python and has many years of experience writing bots in this language, as well as Linux systems administration.

Leagsaidh Gordon


Leagsaidh is a Scottish programmer with an interest in game development, application and system security, and AI. She works mostly with Python, but also has experience with several other languages.