New site deployed

10th June 2017 | gdude2002

As you may have noticed, the new site has been deployed ahead of schedule.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the machine we were hosting the old one on has to be replaced, and the data in the old metrics database was proving difficult to migrate.

As the new site was pretty much ready to go and used a completely different database setup, I decided it would be best to deploy it under the main domain. If you're looking for metrics, we haven't implemented it yet - but if you have any bots running on the old Python 2 codebase, they should still be happily calling the old metrics endpoints.

We are not collecting the data sent to those endpoints - they're just there to stop the bots from complaining. We may decide to re-implement that API later, and we'll post here again if we do.

As this site is really all about Ultros3K (our Python 3 rewrite of Ultros which is still under heavy development), all of the links scattered around it point to that project. If you'd like to continue working with the old Python 2 repository, you can make use of the following links.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with us so far, and apologies for any inconvenience caused.